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Next Generation Autodeposition Coating

Aquence 930 Coating

Henkel’s Aquence 930 coating delivers enhanced corrosion performance for such demanding applications as vehicle frames and chassis components.

Aquence 930 Coating has been tested to achieve 1000 hr Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) performance and is equal or better than traditional coating methods on automotive OEM cyclic corrosion tests.

Aquence 930 Customer Benefits

Aquence 930 Coating has all the advantages of the autodeposition coating process:
  • Reduced processing cost
  • Reduced assembled part cost
  • Lower capital cost
  • Enhanced corrosion performance
  • Robust control
  • Less waste

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Reduced Environmental Impact
Aquence 930 coating’s “best-in-class” environmental footprint is further reduced with even lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) versus past Autophoretic 900 series products and through the elimination of MIBK solvent.

The Smart Coating Solution After more than 130 years of leadership in coatings, Henkel has raised the bar again. The Aquence 930 coating is the result of Henkel’s continued investment into ACC technology and better, more environmentally friendly coatings. This epoxy-acrylic urethane coating has excellent thermal stability, top-coatability and flexibility. Extremely precise, uniform coverage is achieved with every part. That’s why Aquence 930 is called “The Smart Coating Solution.

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Improved Coating for High Corrosion Environments

  • Increases corrosion protection of Autophoretic process to “best in class” level
  • Improved manufacturing process increases product line profitability

Aquence is Henkel’s patented Autophoretic Coating Chemical autodeposition process and technologies.

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